The Club dances to live bands at our annual Ball and at our summer dance: in recent years the Sandy Nixon Band at the Ball; and The George Buchanan Scottish Ceilidh Dance Band at the summer dance. For our other meetings we use CDs.

In earlier years recorded music came in different formats. Keith Dixon (Monmouthshire Reel Club Pictorial Dance Descriptions) says in a footnote to The Machine Without Horses: “The original MRC music for this dance was on a 78 RPM shellac disc which brittle with age 'came apart in my hands' one cold winter night. It was notoriously (and enjoyably) fast. The current RSCDS recording is to 'strict tempo' which may not suit everyone, but it is the only one we have been able to locate.” He continues: “Patience Rewarded. On a visit to Banff, in the Canadian Rockies, we found some excellent recordings by The Thistle Band, one of the leading North American Scottish Country Dance Bands – who play for the fabulous Calgary Scottish Country Dance Society annual October three-day gathering at the Banff Springs Hotel. On Volume 1 is 'Machine Without Horses' to a more lively tempo, which we shall adopt forthwith! Sept 1990”